Did you drink your water today?


Drinking water has many benefits for your hair. It cleanses the hair and scalp, which keeps it healthy, reduces hair loss, and promotes new hair growth. A sufficient intake of water is 6 to 8 glasses, but those with more active lifestyles may require a higher intake. When the body is dehydrated, the hair becomes dehydrated. Unfortunately, dehydration can weaken the hair strands from the roots, causing damage and hair loss.

Improves The Scalp

The scalp needs water. It’s essential for the maintenance and production of oils.

Without a sufficient intake of water, the scalp becomes unbalanced. This can cause dandruff, a dry, itchy scalp, or other scalp conditions.

When the scalp is hydrated, it can distribute the oils accordingly and ensure the hair is in good condition. And a healthy scalp always leads to fewer problems!

Promotes Hair Growth

Keeping the hair hydrated is essential for growth.

Without it, the hair becomes limp, weak, and breaks off. Water supports vitamins and distributes essential minerals to the hair and scalp, which strengthens the hair strands from the roots.

With the roots hydrated, this will stimulate new hair growth and prevent the hair from breaking.

Prevents Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

One of the benefits of drinking water is that it prevents hair thinning and hair loss.

Thinning of the hair and hair loss is commonly caused by lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, which leads to the hair strands weakening over time.

The scalp needs water to produce new and stronger cells, but without a sufficient intake the hair becomes brittle and frizzy.

A good intake of water keeps the hair follicles alive and healthy, preventing hair loss in the future.



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