FAQs and Disclaimer


Which company are the package shipped through?

We ship the packages through UPS and United States Postal Services USPS. Currently domestic shipping ONLY.


What is the shipping process?

Our process days are Saturdays. Once your order is placed, please allow 7 business days for processing of your order. Please allow 24 hours for tracking information to upload in the system.


How long does shipping take?

Products will take approximately 3-7 business days.



What is the refund policy?



What is the body butter shelf life?

Since there is no water in our body butter formulas there is little room for bacteria growth. The approximate expiry date is 1-2 years from opening. 

My body butter arrive melted and “half empty”

All of our body butters and scrubs are made with shea butter (and/or mango butter) that are melted and then whipped to achieve the fluffy and soft consistency. Unfortunately if you live in a warmer climate there is a chance your body butter may arrive to you melted. The skin benefits are still active and the body butter is still usable. If it is liquid please place the body butter in the fridge for it to get hard.

We offer “Thermal Shipping” which includes thermal bubble wrap to help prevent this from happening. It is not guaranteed but it can help preserve the consistency a little longer.

What is the body scrub shelf life?

Although the body scrub doesn’t not contain water, it will be in contact with water. There is a natural preservative mixed which can preserve the body scrub for 6-8 months.

What happens if I received damaged goods?

If you receive damaged items, email sale@oilnaturalellc.com or oilnaturalellc.com photos of the damaged product within 24 hours of receiving the order. Since the damage will have occurred during shipping, which is not the senders responsibility, you will be eligible for a replacement product on the house but will just need to pay the shipping fee.


Where is the company located?

We are in Birmingham, Alabama.


What products are suitable for use on children & babies?

We recommend using our Bare Collection (no fragrance oils). We recommend speaking with your Primary Care Provider before using any products on children and babies.


Can I add products on to my order once it is completed?

Unfortunately, we are not able to add products to the order once it is completed.

 How can I best contact you?

The best way to contact us is via email to info@oilnaturalellc.com or via DM on Instagram @oilnaturalellc



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